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Southtown Dental Care in Scottsdale is one of the select few dental offices that allow you to do everything in one place. Many dentists will advertise smile makeovers and how they can change your smile and then they send you out to somewhere else to do part of it and make the process disjointed and confusing. Many offices will focus on all veneers and show pictures of what they do but only have the training to do that and not other procedures such as dental implants and Invisalign.

Not here.


Dr. Matthew Nelson in Scottsdale can do what is needed to get your smile back. Dr. Nelson has been voted a Top Dentist by Phoenix Magazine multiple years and takes more than triple the required continuing dental education each year as required by law. Dr. Nelson has spent endless additional hours studying and figuring out what is needed to change a smile. Whether it’s veneers, crowns, cosmetic bonding, implants or Invisalign, it can all be done here by Dr. Nelson at our Scottsdale office. There is no other dentist here and you won’t be pushed off to someone else. That is one thing that makes us unique—we have one provider taking care of your needs. You get Dr. Nelson’s signature on each treatment done. Best of all, we can provide your treatment in a relaxing, safe environment using dental sedation.

Why is this so unique?

What makes this kind of care special is that traditionally different procedures have been done by different providers as in the medical profession. This makes planning and timing a large smile makeover exceedingly difficult when there are multiple providers involved because everyone’s schedule needs to be accommodated. For the vast majority of smile makeovers, we can do it all here at our office in Scottsdale. This means the results are faster and done in a much more efficient manor when compared to the alternative. In addition, all financial questions are handled by one office in one provider. In the end, when one provider is in charge of the outcome, the outcome is better. There is not a disconnect between providers and/or offices and it makes the process smoother for you—our patient.

How do I find out what is possible for my smile?

The first step to any major change is to figure out a plan. This will be done when you schedule a consultation with Dr. Nelson at our office in Scottsdale. You will be scheduled a time with Dr. Nelson to get his undivided attention during your initial consultation. If wanted, we can take pictures of your smile and Dr. Nelson will look at them with you and go over what your options are and the best way we can get you where you want to be with your smile. After you and Dr. Nelson come up with multiple options, we will go over the cost of each option and how much time each will take. As stated before, in most cases all treatment can be done in our office here with Dr. Nelson. Depending on what your expectations and priorities are, we can be flexible and come up with a plan that works for everyone. Once this is determined, we can schedule the necessary appointment to accomplish the plan. This process can be dramatically shortened with less appointments with dental sedation. This is not required, but we have found our patients prefer this when going through more extensive treatment.

If you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Matthew Nelson  to change your smile, contact our office using the link below!






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If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to schedule an appointment please contact us today. We look forward to providing you with the personal care you deserve.

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