Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic bonding is the application of a strong, natural-looking resin onto the surface of damaged teeth. Whether your teeth are stained, cracked, or mildly misaligned, cosmetic bonding can often be used to quickly restore a beautiful smile. Cosmetic Bonding allows the dentist to reshape or repair your smile using white composite resin. Cosmetic bonding at our office in Scottsdale is particularly ideal if you’re insecure about the appearance of your smile or want an affordable alternative to invasive and more costly procedures such as orthodontics or veneers. With bonding, chipped or uneven teeth can be repaired easily and affordably, restoring your self-confidence. The bonding materials act as a replacement for missing enamel and dentin, providing durable protection and enhancement for your teeth. Our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Matthew Nelson at Southtown Dental Care, matches the composite resin to the rest of your teeth to seamlessly blend in and cover any imperfections. These procedures and generally done in one appointment and allow you to have a dramatically improved smile within hours. You can have the smile you’ve been waiting for within 1-2 hours!

The Benefits of Dental Bonding

If you’re looking for a quick yet effective fix for minor dental problems that is relatively cheaper compared to veneers, consider the benefits of dental bonding:

·         Corrects small cracks and chips

·         Improves alignment and spacing issues

·         Hides stains or discoloration

·         Blends with the rest of your teeth

·         Strengthens teeth

·         Provides quick results

In addition, the bonding procedure is relatively non invasive and many times does not require any drilling or reshaping of the teeth. The procedure is an extremely versatile solution for improving the look of your smile. In your initial dental exam, Dr. Nelson will highlight how the dental bonding procedure can achieve your goals. We will take a close up photo of your smile and look over it together and pinpoint areas that you would like enhanced. Once we have that, we will preview the whole procedure and cost. Most importantly, you can have the new smile you always dreamed of shortly thereafter.

What Does Dental Bonding Involve?

To begin, we will make sure you are perfectly comfortable. We have premium headphones and eye wear to keep you as comfortable as possible. Most cases also involve some local anesthetic to make sure you don’t feel anything. When that is done, Dr. Nelson may do some slight recontouring of the teeth that are in need of the enhancement. Next, we will isolate the teeth included in the procedure, etching them in preparation for bonding. After applying the etching conditioning liquid, the surface of the teeth will have small crevices that allow the tooth stronger adhesion with the bonding agent.

Dr. Nelson will then use his artistic skill to sculpt a new smile right there in a matter of minutes. Dr Nelson has been voted as a Top Cosmetic Dentist in Phoenix Magazine for his esthetic work. After several layers of tooth-colored composite are applied, the composite and bonding resin are shaped and hardened with a specially calibrated light. Once the composite is fully set, the bonded areas are smoothed, buffed, and polished to blend in naturally with the surrounding teeth. In general, we will see you one more time a week later for a quick check to touch up any areas if needed.

As with most cosmetic procedures, bonding will wear and discolor over time, eventually needing to be replaced; however, bonding is very durable and typically lasts many years.

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