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Here is an overview of what to expect when you arrive at our office in Scottsdale. Our comprehensive initial exam and cleaning will take up to 2 hours, so plan accordingly. We will make every effort to schedule your initial exam and cleaning at the same time. We are unique in that we are very detailed in our initial exam. Our goal is to give you a comprehensive view of your oral health including your teeth, gums, tissues (oral cancer check), and jaw joint (TMJ).

If you are a new patient looking to establish regular care at our office, you can expect the following at your first visit:


*Fill out a full medical and dental history form that will allow us to more effectively address your oral health needs. Please bring your dental insurance card so we can submit the insurance claim on your behalf.

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Doctor Exam (1 hour)

*One of our skilled clinical assistants will get to know you and collect information for our detailed exam. This information will include:

-A full set of digital radiographs taken to allow Dr. Nelson to diagnose any current of potential future problems and check the health of the teeth and underlying bone. Our new digital radiographs produce 50-70% less radiation than conventional radiographs. 

-High quality photos taken of your teeth to allow us to show you what is going in your mouth.

-A jaw joint scan (TMJ) using Joint Vibration Analysis Technology. It is quick, pain free, and few doctors have this technology.

*You will have a full oral exam by Dr. Nelson. This will include a review of all data collected and a detailed check of your periodontal (gums) tissue and detailed examination of you teeth. In addition, any cosmetic concerns will be addressed if you desire.

*Dr Nelson will review his findings and make recommendations based on the exam. If treatment is needed, you will educated as to why and what options are available. We will go over all the options and cost of any treatment needed.

Cleaning (1 hour)

*Lastly, we will make every effort to schedule you for a teeth cleaning with one of our hygienists immediately after your initial exam with the doctor. In cases when it has been some time since you have a seen a dentist, a more extensive cleaning may be required that would include more than one visit.

Emergency Appointments:


*Fill out a full medical and dental history form that will allow us to more effectively address your oral health needs. Please bring your dental insurance card so we can submit the insurance claim on your behalf.

Doctor Exam

The doctor will get a history of your problem and a radiograph will be taken of the affected area. An oral exam of the area will be done and a diagnosis will be given.


We will make every effort to treat the emergency on the same day of the exam depending on what is needed.

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